“…Sniper School does not advertise its’ curriculum.  Anyone completing the course walks out with a certificate that can’t be shown to anyone, and a security clearance that should never be mentioned.  Some of the more important lessons seem to have little to do with shooting, but in reality, are crucial to the success of every shot.  The most important lesson was self control, and essential to everything else.  They taught us ways to calm our bodies in order to focus and eliminate all outside distractions; how to control our breathing and move in rhythm with our heartbeat, how to tune out everything from the extreme discomfort of the intense heat and humidity of the jungle, to the dirt and sticks poking into our bodies, how to ignore the bugs crawling all over us, and how to endure the tediousness of remaining still for hours, or days, while constantly scanning the terrain, watching and waiting for our target and opportunity.   In addition, we learned to appreciate the gift of duct tape; our last defense against the multitude of insects in Southeast Asia….”

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