Monthly Archives: March 2016


“…We did our best to put distance between us and that airstrip, on the first afternoon. We double-timed our march till darkness stopped us.  We made the forest and spent the night squatting on our heels at the base of trees, in sight of each other.  The next morning, we were on our way when the sky lightened.  The pace our CO set was grueling, but it was necessary, so no one complained….”

“….Then, by mid afternoon of the second day, just about the time we started to feel safe, a shot rang out, and Jim hit the ground.  His leg was covered in blood, from the thigh down.  The bullet did not hit bone or an artery, and that was good.  He was not going to die from the wound.  It slowed him considerably, along with the rest of us.  The urgency we felt to move faster was frustrating us, and making us short tempered.  It took the sniper two days to hit two more of us, and by then, we had become so jumpy, we were ready to shoot each other for snapping a twig….”

“….We were moving as fast as possible, but we had started to veer off course with each shot.  The Laotian border was becoming an abstract in our thinking.  We had to make the crossing before we could request extraction.  There were few exceptions to that rule, but not many.  Exceptions were on a need to know basis, and the powers that be figured we had no need.  Anyway, we were obligated to make the border.  There wasn’t a chance in hell we’d survive if we got bogged down in another firefight….”