“…From the time Jim and I got back to Vietnam, from our ‘back to the world’ vacation, all we heard about was ‘troop buildup’, on the part of the NVA.  It was nothing specific, just the rumor that was flying around the military.  Everyone was talking about it, but there were so many rumors, that no one paid much attention.  We even heard rumors that the spooks were asking for a couple of battalions of Marines to take into Laos, to help them.  At that point, we knew something was going on, but we did not seem to be on the Army’s ‘need to know’ list and we were kept too busy, to dwell on it….”

“….Two weeks before the Tet offensive, the spooks warned of a major enemy troop buildup in Laos and Cambodia, and requested large numbers of Marines and Army Infantry to send in.  The political environment forbade that option, so the government’s response was to send 18 Special Forces soldiers into Laos to deal with the situation.  Uncle, Paul, Jim and I, were in that group.  Hog was unable to join us, as he was still in the hospital, recovering from a previous adventure….”

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