“…Later, when we got back to camp, Hogan came up to me.  He told me that it was becoming a common tactic for civilians to walk up on American soldiers and shoot them.  This was commonplace in 1967.  They would use small handguns, easy to conceal in their clothing, and behave as if they were just farmers from the local village.  They were farmers; but those farmers usually turned out to be VC, or supporting VC.  It was not uncommon for us to enter a village and be told that women were living with two or three husbands.  In that Asian puritanical world, it was more than likely that village was feeding and supporting VC.  That information usually gave us a lot less difficulty with our conscience and allowed us to go into a village and burn it to the ground….”

“….Hog relayed an incident of five or six American soldiers walking up on a group of farmers, thinking they were farmers and not feeling threatened, so their guard was down.  The farmers walked close to the soldiers, pulled guns and shot them in the head.  All weapons, clothing, shoes, and equipment were stripped from the soldiers.  Their bodies may be found, or they all just go ‘missing’.  A lot of teams just went ‘missing…..”

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