“…Sniper school was intense for the first two weeks; non-stop shooting, advice on how to hide and move through the jungle, and tips on what to look for in the enemy.  After the first couple of weeks, the trainers began farming us out to practice some of the things we’d been taught.  There was some regulation that required trainees had to go out with a LRRP unit, twice, before permanent sniper classification was awarded.   LRRP stands for LONG RANGE RECONNAISSANCE PATROL, and they had a reputation for being big time combat troops.  LRRP teams had specialized in small unit warfare and they were admired by most because they were very effective and seemingly fearless in the field, always willing to start a firefight, no matter how out-numbered they were.  Their ferocious attitudes and contempt for the enemy also made them appear a bit crazy.  It was dreaded by large units to learn a team of LRRPS was coming toward them, because that usually meant a large body of enemy troops was in pursuit of the those LRRPS.  Every unit became nervous and cautious when they were around.  It was normal to admire them and fear them, at the same time….”

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