The Joys of Facebook

Around the beginning of October I got a note from Facebook telling me it looked like my account was not a personal page, so they wanted me to set up a personal page to manage the author’s account/page. So I did.

It operated fine for 4 days… except I had to ask my friends to now become friends of the new, Veteran Grossman identity, and they (Facebook) seem to have lost my 980+ friends on the original page in the process.

My next shock was getting a message on the new account that is now managing the old account telling me they don’t believe I am a real person. That was interesting. So I sent them a copy of photo ID to prove I’m me… and they disabled my new page. Which means I now do not have access to EITHER page. I have been sending appeal letters and requests for guidance that will allow me to be totally “legit” for their purposes…………… which they don’t bother to answer…………

Meanwhile on the email front……………………….. I keep receiving emails from Facebook telling me I have lots of activity on my page and I need to get on it and interact with all these people………………………………… which I would LOVE to do IF FACEBOOK WOULD JUST LET ME DO IT!!!!!!!

It worries me that I cannot get into the account because I don’t want my readers to think I am ignoring them when they comment or ask me a question on Facebook.

Has anyone else had this kind of fun foisted on them by Facebook? If so, how the heck did you resolve it (IF you were able to resolve it!)? Does anyone have any good suggestions as to alternative ways to interact with our readers? We’d LOVE to hear from you. Don’t bother to do it on Facebook, since we don’t have access even to look at our page. Please respond by commenting on this post on our Heirs of Honor website.

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