“…By 0630, we were about half way to the tree line.  Our patrol left the road, and we walked over the exact same piece of open ground we’d covered the day before.  About a quarter of the way into the open area, we reached the same shallow wash and began walking it.  It was no deeper than two feet, as it crossed the clearing to the tree line.  The point of its’ greatest depth was where it skirted the base of the small hill, just down from our camp…”

“….The distant popping of small arms fire became audible.  It was at least a mile off, and seemed to come from the main valley.  It grew louder and louder, fanfare foretelling the day’s entertainments.  No shells were coming our way, but we didn’t mind keeping our bellies on the ground, while trying to figure out who was shooting at whom.  A deeper, more powerful firing began, after ten minutes of listening in prone.  Judging by the volume, we knew it was more than a recon team was up to handling.  We could identify three big machine guns, along with the cracking of hundreds of individual weapons.  The roar grew louder and seemed to run the length of the tree line, as it came toward us….”

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