“…Our reconnaissance was over.  The enemy was in the jungle, in force.  Before we could scramble inside the perimeter, the road and hillside exploded in fireballs.  Enemy mortars hit a supply truck, as it lumbered by the camp gate.  It blazed bright on the road, and kept exploding in a long series of smaller eruptions.  Then the wash we were in was hit with exploding shells.  Our dash for the gate came to a standstill.  The entire area was being shelled.  The explosions began working toward us, five to ten yards at a time.  All of us ran in the opposite direction, abandoning the plan of going in through the main gate.  Dust swirled from the shelling and mixed with smoke.  Unable to see, we scrambled down the wash, running for cover…”

“…We had gone a very short distance, and bumped into a second recon team running up the wash, the same explosive footsteps herding them.  Cover was not available in either direction.  A quick huddle and we decided to run for the trees and shattered logs on the small hill, at the foot of our camp.  We had no choice.  It was the only cover available.  Not all of us made it and those of us who did, were not certain we had done the right thing….”

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