“…We were moving in a shallow ditch.  Their urgency was coming through to me, in my half conscious condition.  The trees were covering us and there was another thirty yards to go before we would be out from under the canopy, but it didn’t matter.  I wanted to sleep.

Jim was whispering hoarsely in my ear, “Hurry, napalm!”

His words registered but my body was too exhausted to respond, or increase its’ speed.  It didn’t matter, anymore.  I didn’t care and for the life of me, I couldn’t recall what was so important, a few minutes ago.  After less than ten meters with Jim’s words in my mind, the forest ignited above our heads.  The huge canopy turned into glowing golden fire.  A gigantic flame roared and rolled from treetop to treetop, with searing heat and glistening orange fire.  Great dollops of syrup thick flames dripped to the ground, fluttering noisily and splashing brilliantly.  They consumed the oxygen around us and surrounded us with a scorching wind.  Gasping for breath, the heat touched deep into my chest.  The heat blast curled the leaves around us and brought wisps of steam out of the ground.  It blistered our exposed skin.  More explosions roared, fire surrounded the three of us.  We ran blindly, afraid to breathe, as the world became an inescapable flame.  Steam and flame encircled us and we expected to burst into flames ourselves, at any second.  I was on the brink of accepting the death the flames offered.  I was done and knew it, so let it happen, my body whined.  But that other voice, deep within my spirit, screamed his last blast of energy into my failing body ‘Like Hell!’ he roared.  And my legs answered with one last series of strides….”

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