“…I was acutely aware of the forest around me.  I was part of it.  The jungle was becoming my world.  I was falling in love with the nightly raids.  I’d joined one of the most active outfits in the U.S. Army, and found it appealed to me.  We jokingly referred to our raids as ‘hunts’.  We crept up on our enemy, waiting for one to fall behind and isolate himself.  We were half convinced we had become predators, preying on the weakest members of the herd.  My senses had grown more and more acute, with every trip into the jungle.  I could identify that world by sound and smell.  Often, sight wasn’t possible, nor was it necessary.  My reflexes had taken on a quick decisiveness that was thrilling beyond anything I’d ever known.  All that we did was natural, even killing, and we did it to stay hidden and alive.  We had been trained, and I felt we were falling backward in time, a reverse evolution, de-evolving us back to the mythic predator/soldier, the fittest of this primal world.  Conventional soldiers were consumed by disease or hunger in every jungle.  We had learned to flourish…”

“…Our uniforms were a light weight cotton and silk blend, with a tiger striped pattern of black and olive drab; designed to be silent and to blend into the jungle and make us invisible.  We wore no patches or marks on our uniforms, nothing to identify our rank or specialties.  We each had a towel tucked into our collars, to absorb sweat and keep the insects from gaining access, and olive duct tape securing everything; our collars, sleeves, and canvas boots.  Everything on us was either tied or taped down, with no dingle berries, and most of all, nothing to catch light or shine.  Our faces were black with camo; we both wore veils and were armed to the teeth, including the clamshell case of my long gun that was strapped to my back.  We did not look like the regulars and that was a source of pride for us…..”

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