“…Our new CO had us doing short recon patrols.  We were supposedly supported by a platoon of airborne infantry, but we never saw them.  We were told the army wanted to hit hard at any enemy we encountered.  According to rumor, after we gave up Khe Sahn, the NVA grew so confident, they wanted to destroy the SF camps that were raiding the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  It was the life’s blood of the NVA, and it ran just inside Laos, as it came south.

There was an awful traffic jam on the trail when it reached the tri border area, thanks to us.  Our camps were there, but the NVA knew we could be knocked out if they moved fast, and in strength.  Our camp was first in their path.  We were making preparations for their arrival by sending out patrols, and fortifying where we could.  Since reinforcements never came up from the large valley camps, we thought the danger more imaginary, than real.  Even though recons were doubled, a few days earlier, and we were being forced to march around and make a lot of noise when in camp, only the most naïve bought into the rumor ‘the gooks were coming’.  After three or four days, every one of us was convinced the NVA movement rumor was just another bullshit story the Army spread around to keep us on our toes.  The rumor proved to be right.  A large number of regiments were heading our way, with murder in their hearts.  All hell was about to break loose…”

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