Excerpt from Heirs of Honor – Forward

It is a law of nature that opposites attract, and I am living proof of that statement.  As an idealistic ‘flower child’ in the late 60’s, the great love of my life turned out to be a soldier, come home after three tours in Special Forces.  His five man team operated out of the Laotian/Cambodian border camps, dropped into countries we never went to, and told pickup would only be possible if they could make it back across the border.  As with most combat veterans, surviving the jungles of Southeast Asia was far easier than coming home.  The wife of every combat vet knows all too well the torture of her husband’s ‘survivor’s guilt’, as well as his sense of alienation from everything; only feeling safety in the company of other vets, able to share the dark humor developed by all for survival’s sake.  I learned about war from the men who lived it, and shared their pain with each other on my living room floor.

“Heirs of Honor” is based on their lives, and is presented as a fictional account of the ‘all too real’ war they lived through.  Most died in Vietnam, and those who came home were never the same.  All are gone, now.  This book is meant to honor them, and to free them from the oath of silence forced upon them by their government, if only for their own protection.
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