It is one thing for one country to invade and occupy another; no matter how justified they feel their cause.  It is an entirely different matter when that invasion comes from an organization attempting to force their own ideology on the population of the country they have invaded.   It changes the rules of the game.  It is no longer a war between nations with set borders.  It is a war against all people that do not share the belief system of that organization.  That makes it a fight for everyone’s right to think for themselves and to decide their own way of life.  That is a fight that goes beyond the borders of individual nations, since if that organization will invade one country, it is only a matter of time before they move to invade all countries, because they fight for an ideology that demands world submission.

I used to be of the opinion that America should no longer get involved in any further military actions that required ‘boots on the ground’ of any other country, for any reason, at all.  Like most Americans, I am tired of seeing our soldiers fighting wars in other lands.  I believe America should help our allies when the need arises, but without putting the lives of our soldiers on the line…not unless America is directly threatened.

I have changed my mind.  Not only is America being threatened by the extreme jihadist group, ISIS, not only the countries in the Middle East, but the people of every other country on this planet are being threatened, as well.  This is no longer a regional civil war, if ISIS is not stopped, their war will become global.  Unlike Nazi Germany, ISIS is not a country we can declare war on; they are the worst kind of terrorist organization that does not hesitate to inflict atrocities on anyone that is not them.  We must stop thinking in terms of conventional warfare.  We must recognize that whether we want it, or not, we are engaged in a world war on terrorism, and commit to it with every resource we have.  Like it, or not, we are in a struggle to survive… along with all the rest of the world.

If you think I am being an alarmist, consider the fact that ISIS is currently sweeping through the oil rich Middle East.  If they gain control of the oil fields, they threaten the life of all industrial nations.

ISIS wants only one thing; that everyone in the world, convert to their form of extremist Islam, or die.  They have declared a war on all humanity, and must be stopped, by whatever means necessary.       

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