What Do YOU Know About the Vietnam War?

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We are fifty years past the Vietnam War and yet it is still an active part of our culture. It has not been relegated to history. Why? Because that war affected the nation in ways none before it had.

Vietnam was a whole new kind of war. One which our soldiers, most of them little more than children when they were sent there, were totally unprepared for. It’s still strongly with us because those young men and women came home broken… and we didn’t know how to fix them. We didn’t even understand what they were experiencing.

There is still a lot of politics and discord resonating in our nation as a result of this involvement. Our veterans are still feeling alienated. A good part of that feeling of alienation is caused by the fact most of us, the public, still do not understand what happened to them.

Most Vietnam veterans don’t choose to talk about their experiences. It’s just too painful and brings old tapes in their heads to the fore, a place they’ve worked long and hard to get them out of. A few have wanted to talk and been told in no uncertain terms to keep a lid on it.

Heirs of Honor” has been written by one of those veterans in the second category. And that is why I was asked to handle the public face of things. This veteran was intimidated by powerful people but still needed to let the world know. So you won’t find E. F. Grossman in any phone directory. At least if you do, it won’t be this E. F. Grossman. It’s a pseudonym plain and simple, created by a Vietnam veteran who feels an obligation to both themselves and the rest of us, to tell the truth.

The author and I both hope this website will not only serve as an avenue to promote the book, but as a forum for meaningful discussions that will enlighten all of us!

Maryanne James – Webmaster

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2 thoughts on “What Do YOU Know About the Vietnam War?

  1. Even if you were never in Vietnam, Heirs of Honor will put you in the middle of the battle. The words will give you a taste, smell, noise and alert your senses to the life and death struggle of WAR. Staying alive in a very dangerous place that is filled with surprise and agony, while the hunted become hunted, as well. You will feel the realism as you read. You may even jump and run for cover…..read it and see how powerful words are assembled by the author to give you a glimpse of the past that still lives today in many Vietnam veterans.

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